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Every Bride dreams of her unforgettable wedding day! The wedding location, floral and most importantly, ‘The Gown”! There are so many things you need to know before purchasing this. I had FOUR Wedding Dresses by the time my wedding day came and only had time to wear TWO of them. Long story short, I tried to save $$$$ by purchasing a cheaper gown than ‘The One” I loved the most. In doing this and as my wedding day grew closer, I couldn’t imagine walking down the aisle in any other dress so I bought “The One” but did not have time for a new dress to be made, I wore the dress off of the mannequin on my wedding day! I also spent way more than if I had purchased “The One” the first time around.

With all of this being said…We have put together a list of things you should consider when searching for the perfect wedding gown!

Esé Azénabor
Berta Bridal
berta bridal
Jean Ralph Thurin
Brides By Nona
Brides By Nona