Engagement Season Is Here!

Engagement Season has arrived! It runs from Thanksgiving, literally just passed, until February, yes people still propose on Valentine’s Day! The Irony…break up season is just before!

Here are the most promising signs that show he’s preparing to put a ring on it:

Long Term Decisions

Is he keeping you involved in his long-term decisions? If so, he sees a future with you which means weddings bells aren’t that far away.

Meeting the Family

Meeting the family is huge step and only done when something big is about to happen. But if you see him communicating with your friends and/or family more then something is definitely going on, hopefully in your favor!

Checking out your jewels

If you catch him going through your jewelry stash, he is probably trying to get a feel for what you like. Save him the trouble, make sure all your friends (mom too) know your dream engagement ring and size.

Avoiding Splurging

Is he abstaining from that trip to Bali or buying that new car he keeps talking about? It is quite possible he already made a fairly large person on you which is preventing him from these things.

Whatever his deal is, be patient, let things happen the way they are supposed too! Just a hint, Christmas is the #1 proposal date according to Wedding Wire!